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A JobFactory that instantiates the Job instance (using the default no-arg constructor, or more specifically: InstantiateType T (Type)), and then attempts to set all values from the IJobExecutionContext and the IJobExecutionContext's merged JobDataMap onto properties of the job.
Inheritance Hierarchy

System Object
  Quartz.Simpl SimpleJobFactory
    Quartz.Simpl PropertySettingJobFactory

Namespace: Quartz.Simpl
Assembly: Quartz (in Quartz.dll) Version:

public class PropertySettingJobFactory : SimpleJobFactory

Set the WarnIfPropertyNotFound property to true if you'd like noisy logging in the case of values in the JobDataMap not mapping to properties on your job class. This may be useful for troubleshooting typos of property names, etc. but very noisy if you regularly (and purposely) have extra things in your JobDataMap. Also of possible interest is the ThrowIfPropertyNotFound property which will throw exceptions on unmatched JobDataMap keys.
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