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Holds state information for IJob instances.
Inheritance Hierarchy

System Object
  Quartz.Util DirtyFlagMap String, Object 
    Quartz.Util StringKeyDirtyFlagMap
      Quartz JobDataMap

Namespace: Quartz
Assembly: Quartz (in Quartz.dll) Version:

public class JobDataMap : StringKeyDirtyFlagMap

JobDataMap instances are stored once when the IJob is added to a scheduler. They are also re-persisted after every execution of instances that have PersistJobDataAfterExecutionAttribute present.

JobDataMap instances can also be stored with a ITrigger. This can be useful in the case where you have a Job that is stored in the scheduler for regular/repeated use by multiple Triggers, yet with each independent triggering, you want to supply the Job with different data inputs.

The IJobExecutionContext passed to a Job at execution time also contains a convenience JobDataMap that is the result of merging the contents of the trigger's JobDataMap (if any) over the Job's JobDataMap (if any).

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