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Public classCalendarIntervalScheduleBuilder
CalendarIntervalScheduleBuilder is a IScheduleBuilder that defines calendar time (day, week, month, year) interval-based schedules for Triggers.
Public classCalendarIntervalTriggerBuilderExtensions
Extension methods that attach CalendarIntervalScheduleBuilder to TriggerBuilder.
Public classCronExpression
Provides a parser and evaluator for unix-like cron expressions. Cron expressions provide the ability to specify complex time combinations such as "At 8:00am every Monday through Friday" or "At 1:30am every last Friday of the month".
Public classCronScheduleBuilder
CronScheduleBuilder is a IScheduleBuilder that defines CronExpression-based schedules for ITriggers.
Public classCronScheduleTriggerBuilderExtensions
Extension methods that attach CronScheduleBuilder to TriggerBuilder.
Public classDailyTimeIntervalScheduleBuilder
A IScheduleBuilder implementation that build schedule for DailyTimeIntervalTrigger.
Public classDailyTimeIntervalTriggerBuilderExtensions
Extension methods that attach DailyTimeIntervalScheduleBuilder to TriggerBuilder.
Public classDateBuilder
DateBuilder is used to conveniently create DateTimeOffset instances that meet particular criteria.
Public classDisallowConcurrentExecutionAttribute
An attribute that marks a IJob class as one that must not have multiple instances executed concurrently (where instance is based-upon a IJobDetail definition - or in other words based upon a JobKey.
Public classJobBuilder
JobBuilder is used to instantiate IJobDetails.
Public classJobDataMap
Holds state information for IJob instances.
Public classJobExecutionException
An exception that can be thrown by a IJob to indicate to the Quartz IScheduler that an error occurred while executing, and whether or not the IJob requests to be re-fired immediately (using the same IJobExecutionContext, or whether it wants to be unscheduled.
Public classJobKey
Uniquely identifies a IJobDetail.
Public classJobPersistenceException
An exception that is thrown to indicate that there has been a failure in the scheduler's underlying persistence mechanism.
Public classObjectAlreadyExistsException
An exception that is thrown to indicate that an attempt to store a new object (i.e. IJobDetail,ITrigger or ICalendar) in a IScheduler failed, because one with the same name and group already exists.
Public classPersistJobDataAfterExecutionAttribute
An attribute that marks a IJob class as one that makes updates to its JobDataMap during execution, and wishes the scheduler to re-store the JobDataMap when execution completes.
Public classQuartzThread
Support class used to handle threads
Public classScheduleBuilder T 
Base class for IScheduleBuilder implementors.
Public classSchedulerConfigException
An exception that is thrown to indicate that there is a misconfiguration of the ISchedulerFactory- or one of the components it configures.
Public classSchedulerContext
Holds context/environment data that can be made available to Jobs as they are executed.
Public classSchedulerException
Base class for exceptions thrown by the Quartz IScheduler.
Public classSchedulerMetaData
Describes the settings and capabilities of a given IScheduler instance.
Public classSimpleScheduleBuilder
SimpleScheduleBuilder is a IScheduleBuilder that defines strict/literal interval-based schedules for ITriggers.
Public classSimpleScheduleTriggerBuilderExtensions
Extension methods that attach SimpleScheduleBuilder to TriggerBuilder.
Public classSystemTime
A time source for Quartz.NET that returns the current time. Original idea by Ayende Rahien: http://ayende.com/Blog/archive/2008/07/07/Dealing-with-time-in-tests.aspx
Public classTimeOfDay
Represents a time in hour, minute and second of any given day.

The hour is in 24-hour convention, meaning values are from 0 to 23.

Public classTimeSpanParseRuleAttribute
Attribute to use with public TimeSpan properties that can be set with Quartz configuration. Attribute can be used to advice parsing to use correct type of time span (milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours) as it may depend on property.
Public classTriggerBuilder
TriggerBuilder is used to instantiate ITriggers.
Public classTriggerConstants
Common constants for triggers.
Public classTriggerKey
Uniquely identifies a ITrigger.
Public classTriggerTimeComparator
A Comparator that compares trigger's next fire times, or in other words, sorts them according to earliest next fire time. If the fire times are the same, then the triggers are sorted according to priority (highest value first), if the priorities are the same, then they are sorted by key.
Public classTriggerUtils
Convenience and utility methods for simplifying the construction and configuration of ITriggers and DateTimeOffsetOffsets.
Public classUnableToInterruptJobException
An exception that is thrown to indicate that a call to Interrupt  failed without interrupting the Job.
Public classValueSet
Helper class for cron expression handling.

Public structureMisfireInstruction
Misfire instructions.
Public structureMisfireInstruction CalendarIntervalTrigger
Misfire instructions for DateIntervalTrigger
Public structureMisfireInstruction CronTrigger
misfire instructions for CronTrigger
Public structureMisfireInstruction DailyTimeIntervalTrigger
Misfire instructions for DailyTimeIntervalTrigger
Public structureMisfireInstruction SimpleTrigger
Misfire policy settings for SimpleTrigger.
Public structureSchedulerConstants
Scheduler constants.

Public interfaceICalendar
An interface to be implemented by objects that define spaces of time during which an associated ITrigger may (not) fire. Calendars do not define actual fire times, but rather are used to limit a ITrigger from firing on its normal schedule if necessary. Most Calendars include all times by default and allow the user to specify times to exclude.
Public interfaceICalendarIntervalTrigger
A ITrigger that is used to fire a IJobDetail based upon repeating calendar time intervals.
Public interfaceICronTrigger
The public interface for inspecting settings specific to a CronTrigger, which is used to fire a IJob at given moments in time, defined with Unix 'cron-like' schedule definitions.
Public interfaceIDailyTimeIntervalTrigger
A ITrigger that is used to fire a IJobDetail based upon daily repeating time intervals.
Public interfaceIInterruptableJob
The interface to be implemented by IJobs that provide a mechanism for having their execution interrupted. It is NOT a requirement for jobs to implement this interface - in fact, for most people, none of their jobs will.
Public interfaceIJob
The interface to be implemented by classes which represent a 'job' to be performed.
Public interfaceIJobDetail
Conveys the detail properties of a given job instance. JobDetails are to be created/defined with JobBuilder.
Public interfaceIJobExecutionContext
A context bundle containing handles to various environment information, that is given to a JobDetail instance as it is executed, and to a ITrigger instance after the execution completes.
Public interfaceIJobListener
The interface to be implemented by classes that want to be informed when a IJobDetail executes. In general, applications that use a IScheduler will not have use for this mechanism.
Public interfaceIListenerManager
Client programs may be interested in the 'listener' interfaces that are available from Quartz. The IJobListener interface provides notifications of Job executions. The ITriggerListener interface provides notifications of ITrigger firings. The ISchedulerListener interface provides notifications of scheduler events and errors. Listeners can be associated with local schedulers through the IListenerManager interface.
Public interfaceIMatcher T 
Matchers can be used in various IScheduler API methods to select the entities that should be operated upon.
Public interfaceIScheduleBuilder
Schedule builders offer fluent interface and are responsible for creating schedules.
Public interfaceIScheduler
This is the main interface of a Quartz Scheduler.
Public interfaceISchedulerFactory
Provides a mechanism for obtaining client-usable handles to IScheduler instances.
Public interfaceISchedulerListener
The interface to be implemented by classes that want to be informed of major IScheduler events.
Public interfaceISimpleTrigger
A ITrigger that is used to fire a IJob at a given moment in time, and optionally repeated at a specified interval.
Public interfaceIStatefulJobObsolete.
A marker interface for IJobDetail s that wish to have their state maintained between executions.
Public interfaceIThreadRunnable
This interface should be implemented by any class whose instances are intended to be executed by a thread.
Public interfaceITrigger
The base interface with properties common to all ITriggers - use TriggerBuilder to instantiate an actual Trigger.
Public interfaceITriggerListener
The interface to be implemented by classes that want to be informed when a ITrigger fires. In general, applications that use a IScheduler will not have use for this mechanism.

Public enumerationIntervalUnit
Supported interval units used by ICalendarIntervalTrigger.
Public enumerationSchedulerInstruction
Instructs Scheduler what to do with a trigger and job.
Public enumerationTimeSpanParseRule
Possible parse rules for TimeSpans.
Public enumerationTriggerState
All trigger states known to Scheduler.